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Sailor Scouts in the dark

Voting Booth - Part 2 And the best senshi is........

Vote for which SailorScout you think is the best:



The results of this voting booth are:

1st: Mars with 43 votes

2nd: Venus with 38 votes

3rd:Mercury with 32 votes

4th: Jupiter with 28 votes

5th: Sailor Moon with 28 votes

Mars, came first, Mars came first! Sorry, it was probably because I go to lots of Mars Shrines, and talk to their web masters, so they visit my page and of course vote for Mars. Well....anyway, you can get me back by getting lots of other people to vote for your favourite senshi (ok, that was a dumb ploy to get more people to my site but it might work ^_^)!

Come vote for your favourite Sailor Scout again soon!!!

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