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The Voting Booth-Part 1

Who do you think is prettiest?

Vote which SailorScout you think is the prettiest:

 The results of this voting booth is:

1st: Jupiter with 35 votes

2nd: Venus with 27 votes

3rd: MARS with 26 votes

4th: Moon with 22 votes

5th: Mercury with 16 votes

Jupiter came out very strong ending up 8 votes in front of the second placer. Congrats Jupiter lovers! It was very, very close between Venus and Mars, with Venus just sliding into second place in front of Mars, by one point. And again at the bottom of the list are Moon and Mercury. Come on Mercury and Moon lovers, come and vote for you favorite senshi!

As you can see, not many people have been voting in my voting booth so please if you could, come back and vote!

Voting Booths

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