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tiny venus SailorVenus is Mina. She is a sweet long blonde haired girl with blue eyes. She is similar to Serena in some ways. She does her hair up in a "half up and half down" way with a red bow on the back usually. She is the nicest one in the group I think. She would never shout at Serena when she does something wrong (neither would Ami but some how Mina's is more nice). She is not very smart but is quite good at sports especially volleyball. That makes her the most well rounded of the Sailor Scouts. She doesn't have any REALLY strong points but doesn't have any real weaknesses either.

profile of venus-she's winking

Mina has a cat called Artemis who like Luna is Venus' guide. Artemis is a white cat who sometimes is cheeky. Venus was the last of all the inner scouts to appear. She saved them from when all the scouts were trapped in a bubble and and she burst the bubble and set them free. SailorVenus' powers are all connected with love basically. She and SailorJupiter put their powers together a lot when they fight so they will be stronger.

Venus with venus over her

Mina has crushes on basically any cute boy she sees. She does not have any steady boyfriend. She also goes to the same high school as the rest of them (except Rei). Mina is a bit clumsy and klutzy like Serena but she is not totally hopeless like Serena is sometimes. She's 14 and her birthday is on the 22nd October which makes her a Aries. Her blood type is B. Her favorite colors are yellow and red.

icon of venus looking shy

She likes chasing idols and playing games. Her favorite subject is Physical Education and her least favorite subject is Maths and English. Her favorite foods are curry and any type of pasta and she hates wide brown shiitake mushrooms. She likes birds.

Venus kneeling down

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