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The Story Of Sailor Moon

Silver Millenium

A long, long time ago, the planets were all at peace and were called the Silver Millenium (all together). It was ruled by the Moon Kingdom which was in turn ruled by Queen Serenity. Queen Serenity had a daughter, Princess Serena, and she tried to make sure that she grew up right so that later on when she would be Queen, she would know how to be a good one. All of the other planets had princesses too, and although they were princesses they were also warriors with good powers and they were sworn to protect the Moon Kingdom.

Serena spent a lot of time gazing at the Earth for she had fell in love with a young man called Prince Darien from there. They loved each other a lot but could not be together as much as they wanted for the Moon was soon to be under attack from the Negaverse, and the Negaverse were at the moment taking over the Earth, so some people thought that even Prince Darien (because he was from Earth) could have been someone from the Negaverse checking it out. The Negaverse were very strong and they have warriors that have special powers.

Unfortunately soon the Negaverse did a surprise attack and just on the night where there was a big dance on the Moon and people were there from other planets and even Prince Darien came (in a disguise though so they would not recognise him). They were very powerful and the Moon's normal guards could not stop them. Even the other planets' princesses could not stop them. And then while Prince Darien was trying to fight them off, he yelled for Princess Serena to run and save herself but she would not, and so the Negaverse attacked them both and made them unconscious.

Queen Serenity was upset enough that there would be no longer peace in the Silver Millenium (after all no Moon Kingdom no other planets) but with her daughter gone, she was totally in tears. So she used the Imperial Crystal and injured Queen Beryl enough for her to leave, and she put everyone else in bubbles. That included some of the Negaverse, the Moon Kingdom and the rest of the other planets' people, meaning that if she destroyed the Negaverse people she would also destroy her daughter and everyone else good. So she used the rest of her strength to send the rest of her Moon Kingdom and other planets' people to Earth where they could start a new life. But they would not remember anything of their past or of the Moon Kingdom.

Just before she died she used the last little bit of her strength to send the talking cats Luna and Artemis to the Earth too. She did that because if the Negaverse did happen to come back and attack the Earth, Luna and Artemis will be the princesses guide to fighting the Negaverse. And of course the Negaverse did come back so there was SailorMoon (Princess Serena), SailorMercury (Princess Amy), SailorMars (Princess Rei), SailorJupiter (Princess Lita) and SailorVenus (Princess Mina), back to fight them. On Earth they were not princesses, just ordinary school girls until the transformed into the SailorScouts, where they got their powers.

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