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Sailor Moon Songs!

Circle pic, don't take please!

These .zip songs are actually .mp2 sound files when unzipped. They are the actual songs that were played in SailorMoon like it has background noise (Sailors talking) and a person actually singing it. You have to download these and unzip them to hear them but its worth it. If you don't have an ZIP program of some sort then don't bother, because you won't be able to open them.

Oh Starry

Rainy Day

My Only

These .mid sound files are not the real songs but they are still pretty good. You do not have to download them to hear them and they are often longer. Plus since there is no one singing you can show off your beautiful voice!

Oh Starry Night.mid-11kb

Only A Memory Away.mid-38kb

My Only Love.mid-30kb

Rainy Day Man.mid-17kb

 It's a new day.mid-11kb

Aino Senshi.mid-49kb

Alan's flute music.mid-3kb

Carry on.mid-47kb

Serena's locket.mid-2kb

SM theme.mid-21kb

Call my name.mid-32kb

Moonlight densetsu.mid-20kb

Moon revenge.mid-55kb

She's got the power.mid-40kb

Sailor Attack music.mid-9kb

A slow SM song.mid-3kb

Just my love.mid-52kb

These are my newest updates to this songs page: some Real Audio files. You will need to have Real Audio 3.0 or above, to listen to them. If you don't have that you can get it at You can either listen to them on the net without downloading them or you can download them so you can listen to them whenever you want to. To listen to them just click on the title, to download them click on the Download it below the title.

Oh Starry Night-385kb

Download it-385kb

Carry On-256kb

Download it-256kb

My Only Love-369kb

Download it-369kb

Some of these clips were all downloaded off Karl's SailorMoon Clips .you will find more on that site. I can't quite remember all of the sites that I got these midis from so just email me if you think I got something from your site and I'll give you some credit. If you want some Sailor Moon .avi and .mov files you can go to Ms Haruna's Classroom, it has tons of files like that, and they're all really cool! I would add some more .avi, .mov, .mp2, .mp3 and .ra songs but I'm really low on web space!

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