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My Interview with Serena
Serena in her school uniform

Su Faye looks at her watch impatiently and thinks that she's lucky she bought a book to read.

Suddenly you see Serena run around the corner to Su Faye, puffed out.

Su Faye>Took you long enough!

Serena> (Wah!!!!!!) Its not my fault! I had a Saturday detention because I just KINDA fell asleep in class but it was maths and everyone knows maths is boring and-

Su Faye> I get the point. Well anyway we better get on with this interview since you have already taken up 45 mins of my time with me waiting here for you. How are you and Darien going?

Serena> Darien? Oh Darien! He is soooo cute! I love him so much! We've got a date tonight! Hmm..... what should I wear my pink dress or my white skirt with the red top?

Su Faye>I think you should go with the pink dress but its up to you. How is Reni?

Serena>Ohhhhhhhh don't even start talking about that annoying little bug. This morning she ate all the chocolate chip cookies that were left, and just so that I couldn't have any and then Darien and I were going to go on trip to the new theme park but then Reni got me in trouble with Mum again (!!!!) and while I had to clean up the house, she went with Darien to the theme park , the parasite!

Su Faye> It doesn't seem like you like her very much : )!

Serena> Well most of the time I don't , but there are times when she is better but most of the times I just feel like drowning the little virus. Hmmm, maybe I could take-

Su Faye> I think we better get off this subject. Where are the rest of the girls this afternoon?

Serena>Amy's studying-as usual-, Rei's shopping with Chad-I really think that they do like each other-Mina's playing volleyball and Lita's cooking. In fact I might go over to try what she's made later. I hope she's made the chocolate caramel cake!

Su Faye>Is it true that Rei and you are really quite good friends underneath or are you two the only two Scouts that never really get on well together?

Serena>(Squirming)Ummmmmmmm...........Well..........Hmmmm...........I don't know........I think that Rei can be such an impatient, mean-talking girl sometimes but I guess, deep down inside, very , very, very deep down, she does really care about me. And I do care about her too but when she does yell at me I do get angry. But when we really need each other as friends, we're probably the closest.

animated Rei and Serena fight

Su Faye>Well that's something I didn't think I'd hear.

Serena> You won't tell Rei or anything will you, like she might say something mean or something. I hope that she doesn't use her hocus pocus to see what happens at this interview.

Su Faye> Hocus Pocus?

Serena>You know that fire magic she learned from working at the temple.

Su Faye> Ohhh, I understand. No I won't tell Rei but if she does use her spiritual powers well then bad luck.

Serena>Hmmm, what are you using this interview for anyway?

Su Faye>Well, um, yeah, I'm putting it on a web page.

Serena>Web page? What's that? Oh well..........(glances around and sees time on clock) OH NO!!!!!!!! It's already 5:55!!! I said I'd meet Darien at 6:00 and I still have to change and do my hair, and by the time I get there, it'll be late. Oh why didn't you tell me! OH NO!!!!!

Su Faye>Sorry. I didn't know what time your date was.

Serena> (Running around like crazy) Pink dress or red top and white skirt? I don't know! Uh I better run home!!!!! Bye Su Faye! It was nice talking to you! (Runs off)

Su Faye>Well that was a sudden ending wasn't it? (Shakes head and turns off tape recorder)

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