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Serena is SailorMoon and she is the leader of the SailorScouts. She is also the Moon Princess. She is a klutz, is clumsy and is a little cry baby sometimes but she gets better as the series proceeds. At first she used to hate Darien because he called her Meatball Head and teased her about her hair. But then she found out that he was Tuxedo Mask (and she liked Tuxedo Mask), and she found out about her past, and therefore fell in love again with Darien. Her best friend at school is Molly.

Serena looking mad while eating

She gets along well with the other SailorScouts but Rei and her sometimes get in fights because Rei is used to having everything done right away properly and Serena is a bit lazy and uncoordinated. She doesn't study very much and is often late for school. She can sometimes be a crybaby and whine about stuff she doesn't want to do. She has long blonde hair which she ties in two long ponytails with these two bumps at the top, and blue eyes. She is the shortest of all the Sailor Scouts.

Serena looking pretty in a blue dress

She is 14 like the rest of the Scouts and her birthday is on June 30th, which means she's a Cancer. She is the only one of which we really see her close family (not including Rei and her grandpa). She has a younger brother who she sometimes gets into fights with. She has a cat named Luna who can talk and used to live with her in her old life, on the Moon Kingdom. Luna guides her through her life trying to make her a better leader and Moon Princess. Luna is a black wise cat who has learned to put up with Serena's ways.

Sailor Moon with Moon written over her

Her powers are normally used after the other SailorScouts have temporarily injured the other enemy with their power. Without her powers normally the other SailorScouts can injure the enemy but not kill it. SailorMoon's powers get rid of the monster.

Sailor Moon looking sad

Serena's favorite colors are white and pink and she likes to go shopping and play the video games in the arcade (when she has the money that is). She doesn't really like maths and likes home economics at school, so she can eat all the yummy things that she makes. She also likes ice cream. She hates vegetables especially carrots. 

Serena eating lots of food

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