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My Interview with Rei
Rei in her school uniform

Su Faye walks into the room just as she hears Rei calling out to Chad, "Remember to meet me here at 4:00pm to go shopping! If you don't, there will be trouble back at the temple, you hear me!".

Su Faye>Hi Rei! You're early.

Rei>Oh hi Su Faye. Yeah Grandpa let me off a full day of chores for this interview, so I decided to make the most of it.

Su Faye>So you're going shopping with Chad after the interview, hey?

Rei>Well really I shop and he carries my bags but he does owe me after I let him try and teach singing classes. Boy is he bad or what?

Su Faye> (smile) I don't know, I've never heard him. Well, that makes two on time scouts and one very late Serena.

Rei>(sigh) That Serena is hopeless sometimes. She kept me and the rest of the Scouts waiting for one whole hour when we were supposed to meet to go shopping. She hardly even said sorry.

Su Faye>Trust Serena. If you're wondering you're my favorite Scout, but don't say anything about it to the rest of the Scouts, please. I love your attacks.

Rei>Thanks (grinning).

Su Faye>Is it true that you are the powerful (Inner) Sailor Scout?

Rei> Well I don't know really. Lita is definitely the strongest of us without transforming but with transforming, well.........yeah. I don't know.

Su Faye> Well I've heard that you are the most powerful Sailor Scout and personally I think its true. I also like how you're so spiritual.

Rei>Do you want me to read your fortune with my fire reading skills? If you do just drop around to the temple one day and bring a photo of yourself.

Su Faye>That would be cool. How's your Grandpa? Is he still crazy over teenage girls?

Rei>Don't even get me started about Grandpa. Today he's got this new class where you learn the basics of meditation. He's hoping he'll get lots of young clients.

Su Faye>So how did you feel when you learned about Serena's past with Darien?

Rei>To tell the truth I was totally crushed. But I got over it. Like you can't stand in the way of fate can you?

Su Faye>Yeah, I guess not. So Serena says that there's sometimes between you and Chad? What do you think?

Rei>Ohhh, wait till I get my hands on Serena! I get her for saying something like that. She knows that that's not true.

Su Faye>Sure, what ever you say. Do you still think that you should be the leader of the Sailor Scouts?

Rei>Well.....Serena is a little bit better now I guess, and just like her fate was to be with Darien, it was also to lead us and I can't change that. And I don't mind about Mina being second-in-command, she's much more organized than Serena.

Su Faye>Where are the other girls this afternoon?

Rei>Let me think.......Amy's trying to tutor Serena on a Science test (but yeah right that will work), Lita's ice skating with Ken and Mina's helping out at the temple. I have to thank her for that but I don't think that she really minded because she gets to wear one of those red robes.

Su Faye>Oh yeah those big robes, they're cool. Do you like the private school that you go to?

Rei>Yeah, its alright, although sometimes I wish that I went to the same school as the rest of the Scouts, because they always talk about school and I feel like the odd one out. But I like my school uniform better (giggles).

Su Faye>I like your school uniform better too. We better wrap it up now if you want to go shopping with Chad. We're already 10 mins over. Thanks for the interview.

Rei>No, it was my pleasure. It was nice to get to know you Su Faye.

Su Faye>It was fun, so I'll see you at the temple soon ok for the fire reading?

Rei>Sure. Bye!

Su Faye stops the tape recorder and then hears Rei shouting "Chad, Chad! Are you here yet?If you're not here in 5 seconds, I'm never going to let you sing again". "1.........2...........3.........4.........5!" "Chad!!"

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