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My Awards

Here are the awards that I have received for my page. So far I only have a few awards but if you would like to give me an award (well you never know : D) you can e-mail me at:

Thanks to everyone who gave me an award! I really appreciate it!!

Serena Star Award!!


Winner of The SMP<BR>Award for Excellent Content

The Sailor Scouts Starry Night
was awarded on:
November 23 1997

Michiru's Deep Submerge Award
Michiru's Deep Submerge Award

Mousepal's award(This is from my Mousepal! ^_^)

Moon's Award Of Excellence

Given by Cheryl at Silver Moon.

Raye Shrine's Award

Tosty's Anime Award Of Virtue
Tosty's Anime Award of Virtue
<-- Tosty's Anime Award of Virtue --!>

Sailors Diary Award

Chibi Pink's Wow Award

My 2nd awards page

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