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blank gif My Interview With Mina Mina in her school uniform

Su Faye hears someone panting and light footsteps around the corner. Soon Mina jogs into sight, her blonde hair bouncing up and down.

Mina>Sorry did I keep you waiting?

Su Faye>No not really. Did you just come from a volleyball game?

Mina>Yeah, it was in Jells Park, so I had to run here, because I couldn't get a ride.

Su Faye>You should have told me.

Mina>No, its alright, I like running any way. And I was in a good mood because we won the volleyball game, 22-15.

Su Faye>What's your volleyball team called again?

Mina>The Strikers. Pretty dumb name but we are a pretty good team and that's all that matters.

Su Faye> So hows it feel like to be the first Sailor Scout?

Mina>Well, probably just the same to be the 2nd or 3rd. Its nothing really. And also although I was before the other scouts, I didn't come into SailorMoon until ages, the last of the inner scouts in fact.

Su Faye>Was it easier fighting in England by yourself or Tokyo with the scouts?

Mina>I guess, here in Tokyo. The enemies are harder here but I have everyone else to back me up and it's fun to be part of the team.

Su Faye>Why do you always do a lot of your attacks with Jupiter?

Mina>It makes us stronger, I think and why not?

Su Faye>Its just that normally other Scouts do their attacks by themselves. Do you like being second-in-command in the Sailor Scouts?

Mina>Umm.....I don't do that much really, just tell the other Scouts to transform, but yeah its cool. I just take over if Serena isn't there or has gone a little wacko.

Su Faye>You're my friend, Amy's (not Sailor Mercury-Amy Anderson) favourite scout. I just wanted to tell you that.

Mina>Tell her thanks. I always welcome fans, after all one of my dreams is becoming an idol (giggles). What about you?

Su Faye>Sorry but I like Mars the best.

Mina>No problem, after all we're all allowed to our own opinion.

Su Faye>But I do think that you are the nicest Sailor Scout. After all you are always trying to keep the peace in the Sailor Scouts and you are never mean.

Mina>Thanks. Some people just think I'm a suck up.

Su Faye>Well, I don't. Who's your latest crush?

Mina>This really cute guy that works at the ice cream parlor. He has light brown hair and is gorgeous.

Su Faye>(smiles) What are the other scouts doing at the moment?

Mina>Serena is down at the temple reading Rei's comics, Rei's probably yelling at Serena that she's lazy and Lita is shopping with Amy.

Su Faye>Do you like being known as Serena's twin sometimes?

Mina>I don't know. Is that a compliment? (laughs) Well we only really look a like when we both have our hair down and I normally put mine up with a bow and she normally has those two balls on top of her head.

Su Faye>Well some people say your personality is a little like Serena's.

Mina>You think I'm like Serena, lazy and a crybaby sometimes? Please say no or I'll die.

Su Faye>No not really but you have to admit you are very alike in some ways.

Mina>And thank goodness only SOME ways. (smiles).

Su Faye>Well, thanks for the interview, I really appreciate it. Do you need a ride home?

Mina>No I'll be fine! See ya around!

Su Faye>Bye

Mina jogs around the corner and Su Faye turns off the tape recorder.

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