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Scan of Mercury card, she's doing a power

SailorMercury is Ami. She has short blue hair and blue eyes and is the smart one in the group. She was once even offered a overseas scholarship to any college she wished and could have even studied to become a doctor like her Mother, but she did not go because she would miss the Scouts too much. Ami studies hard and thinks its bad if she gets an A and not an A+.
Mercury sitting down with Mercury written on top of her
As a scout she does not have the strongest powers, like bubbles didn't really injure the enemy, it just made the enemy get lost and confused in the whole cloud of bubbles so that they would not be ready if one of the other SailorScouts launched an attack. But its like a tradeoff. Since she got the brains she didn't get much power. She is the opposite of SailorJupiter, who fights before she thinks.

Ami before she nearly flies off for Germany to study

She is a very patient girl who does not get in fights very often but if someone she loves is in trouble she will fight for them. She likes this boy Greg, and Greg likes her but she will not reveal her real feelings to him because she is very shy. She has gone out on the least dates of all the SailorScouts I think.

Ami in normal clothes with books

SailorMercury was the first scout to appear (not counting SailorMoon of course!). She goes to Serena's high school. Her powers are all connected with water.
Merc probably during transformation

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