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SailorMars -My most favourite Scout!

mars with anti evil sign

SailorMars is Rei Chan. She is the pretty, cool, tough talking one in the group with a firey temper. She's a bit up herself sometimes though. She goes to a private school (she's the only one that goes to a different school) and is treated like a queen there. They all idolise her. She's used to everything done quick and right and that's why she always fights with Serena. Serena is lazy sometimes so Rei gets impatient with her. Although they often fight deep down inside, really they are probably the closest of the scouts.

Just before the end of Mars transformation

She is 14 but she acts more mature and older then the other scouts and she has been out on more dates then the other scouts. But she isn't desperate and doesn't go around chasing guys or anything. She even used to go out with Darien before she found out about his past with Serena.

Sailor Mars with Mars written over her

Rei's dream is to become the head priestess of the temple of where she works and lives with her grandpa. She is a very spiritual girl and sometimes uses her fire reading powers to find out the truth about the Negaverse. Another power she gets from the temple is her anti-evil scroll (The little piece of paper with the Chinese writing on it) which gets freezes an enemy or gets rid of the evil in an enemy.  

Rei in dress with orange flowers in her hair (very very nice!) 

Her SailorMars powers get better and better as time goes on. She gets lots of different powers in SailorMoon R but normally doesn't change around.

scan of card with Mars doing an attack

Rei was born on April 17 which makes her an Aries which is of course her personality (stubborn). She likes fortune telling and her favorite subject at school is ancient writing. Her least favourite is modern society. She is very good at meditating. Her blood type is AB and her favourite colours are red and black. Her gemstone is a ruby. Her best subject in school is ancient writing and she doesn't like modern society. She likes to eat fugu and she doesn't like canned asparagus.

Rei in her school uniform looking posh

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