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blank gif My Interview With Lita Lita in her school uniform

Lita comes in holding a small container. Su Faye smells something delicious in the air and hopes there's food in the container for her.

Su Faye>Hi Lita!

Lita>Hi Su Faye! I brought you a little something that I cooked up yesterday.

Su Faye>Oh thanks. I could smell it and hoped it would be for me. (opens container) Oh cool, its your Chicken Surprise. I can hardly wait. Thanks again!

Lita>Oh I don't mind. I love cooking. Please tell me after you eat it if you like it, any improvements, or anything else. There's a cooking competition coming up on Sunday, and I want to make something original but delicious.

Su Faye>Well if how it smells and looks is part of how the food is judged, you have already have won.

Lita>I doubt it, but that's why I'm experimenting. I spent all day yesterday in the kitchen cooking. Serena was there too, of course, eating everything that I made almost as fast as I made it.

Su Faye>Sounds just like Serena. (smile).

Lita>But she did have help eating it from me and the rest of the Scouts. They were there too. Rei said that she used her spiritual powers (learnt from working at the temple) to see if I would win the cooking competition.

Su Faye>What did she say would happen?

Lita>She said that I would win but I don't think so. Sally Baker is entering too and she's a fantastic chef.

Su Faye>Nah, I'll still think you'll win. Well hmmm.....on with the interview. How 's it feel to be the tallest scout?

Lita>Well, sometimes I feel kind of singled out, because although Rei is 2nd tallest, Mercury 3rd tallest, Venus 4th tallest, Moon 5th tallest, they all look around the same height at a glance but you can always tell that I'm the tallest, because well I'm so much taller than them.

Su Faye>Do you think that you are the most powerful Sailor Scout?

Lita>I don't think that I really know. The others say that that I'm definitely the strongest without transforming because of my size but that with transforming its different because each of us gets different powers when we transform. I have heard that Sailor Mars could be the most powerful scout after she has transformed.

Su Faye>Hmm........Well is it true that you and Ken are more than just friends?

Lita>Ummmm...........well we are best friends but I don't know if we're more than that.

Su Faye>Well do you want to be more than just friends?

Lita>Do I have to answer that (smiling)?

Su Faye>No it's alright, I wouldn't like someone asking me a question like that either. What are the other Sailor Scouts doing today?

Lita>Amy has gone to the fair with Greg, Serena has gone out with Darien and Rei and Mina are working at the temple together. I think Rei's trying to teach Mina how to read the fire.

Su Faye>That would be interesting. Two spiritual scouts.

Lita> Sorry, but I have to go now and meet Rei and Mina. We're meeting Serena and Amy tonight to go shopping and then test out a few more meals that I have cooked up.

Su Faye>Cool, I hope you have a great time. Thanks for the interview!

Lita>No thank you. Its not often I get interviews. Bye! And remember to ring me about what you think about the food!

Su Faye>I will. See ya soon! And thanks again for the food.

Su Faye turns off the tape recorder and takes the lid off the container with the Chicken Surprise in it. She inhales deeply and says "Yum!"

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