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Sailor Jupiter
Close up of Lita in school uniform SailorJupiter is Lita. She has brown hair usually up in a ponytail with one tendril down each side of her face and green eyes. She was thrown out of her old school for getting into fights, and is the strongest of the Scouts without their powers. She fights before she thinks but never with the other Scouts except on rare occasions. She is also the tallest in the SailorScouts which is also another good point.

Lita wearing a white vest

Lita was the third scout to appear, she came after Rei. She likes this boy called Ken, they've been best friends for a long time ever since they were kids. Even though she isn't shy like Amy she still hasn't told Ken that she likes him more than a friend. She goes to the same high school as the others with the exception of Rei.

Jupiter sitting down

Jupiter's powers are usually associated with trees and thunder. She has this antenna that comes out of her head that I really like when she does her "Jupiter Thunder Crash!". She does a lot of her attacks on the enemy with SailorVenus.

Jupiter before she finishes her power up

Lita likes to cook a lot. She is a very good chef and the others especially Serena (what a pig!), like to try out what she makes. Its very good a lot of the times. She is 14 yrs old and her birthday is December 5th, so she is a Saggitarius. Her blood type is O and she lives alone because her parents were killed. She likes bargain hunting when ever she has the time. Her favorite food is cherry pie and she she has no least favorite food. Her favorite subject is Home Economics like Serena and her least favorite subject is Physics. Her favorite gem is the Emerald and her favorite flower is the Lily of the Valley. She likes horses.

full profile of Jupiter

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