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blank gif My Interview With AmyAmi reading

Su Faye is sitting down listening to her interview with Serena. She shakes her head laughing. Then she looks up to see Amy coming down the hall to her, her head buried in a Trigonometry text book.

Su Faye>Hi Amy! Have you finished that Calculus book that Rei's grandpa lent to you already? You're amazing!

Amy>(blushes) Well, I have to keep ahead if I want to become a paeditrician like my Mum. Anyway I'm only 12 chapters ahead, normally I'm 15 chapters.

Su Faye>You make me feel like a total failure. Anyway you already know that you're smart enough to be start being a paeditrician, after all you got that overseas scholarship remember? But you didn't take it in the end.

Amy>Yes that's true but you must always keep ahead.

Su Faye>(grin) Whatever! Well we better get on with the interview. I'm glad that you didn't keep me waiting like Serena. She was 45 mins late and she left already late for another appointment.

Amy>Sounds just like Serena. I'm sure that she didn't mean to be late. She just ummmm....was. Its her nature, I guess. Oh yeah, I can't stay too long at this interview because I need to study for a test on Friday. If I get less than an A++, I'll have to spend an extra hour each day studying.

Su Faye>Ok I don't mind, after all I don't want you to actually get a BAD grade like A++ do I? Anyway, I've heard that you are the weakest scout after you've transformed, like you have weak powers. But you do have the brain power to make up for it.

Amy>Yes, even I have to say that bubbles aren't as strong as fire or thunder. After all my attack just gets them lost in the bubble fog while the other's attacks actually injure the enemy but I do have my computer to help me get through some tough fights.

Su Faye>Yeah and you're a lot smarter then Serena. Serena will probably lead the Sailor Scouts into a trap one day.

Amy>I don't think so because there will always be someone there to stop her like me or one of the others and she is getting better. Part of her getting better is thanks to Rei, after all she was always yelling at her to stop being so lazy, and it probably worked.

Su Faye>So is it true what they are saying about you and Greg?

Amy>(blushing again) What are they saying?

Su Faye>They're saying that you are more than friends but you don't want to admit it?

Amy>Well..........everyone sees situations differently.

Su Faye>I knew you would say something like that which doesn't really answer the question but don't worry. I asked Serena this and I will probably ask the others this too but who cares: Where are the other Sailors today?

Amy>Serena's grounded again I think, Rei's working at the temple and Mina and Lita are shopping together I think.

Su Faye>And you would be studying if it weren't for this interview.


Su Faye>Well I better not spend any more of your time so thanks for the interview.

Amy>No, its alright, it was fun. Hope to see you soon!

Amy gathers up her books and leaves once again with her head in her Trigonometry book.

Su Faye looks at her as she leaves and smiles.

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